HBV Capital offer different types of funding. You can read about them on this page. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

HIRE PURCHASE:  Ownership of the asset

  • Finance up to 90% of the invoice value
  • Fixed and Variable rates with structured repayments
  • Deposit amount and repayments to suit your cash flow
  • Customer owns the equipment (title transfers with an option to purchase fee) on completion
  • The asset appears on your balance sheet and capital allowances are claimed


FINANCE LEASE: Hire of the asset – Ownership remains with the Funder/Lessor

  • The lessor (finance company) will purchase and own the asset
  • The lessee (customer) will have use of the asset during the life of the lease
  • The customer pays a primary period of rentals or instalments for the use of that asset
  • The finance company will recover a large part or all of the cost of the asset and will earn interest from the rentals paid by the customer


OPERATING LEASE: Hire of a proportion of the asset – Ownership remains with the Funder/Lessor

  • Generally shorter term funding
  • With or without maintenance contract
  • Residual value (RV) will be set by the funder or an appointed third party, who will take title at the end of the contract, in exchange for the RV



  • Fixed and variable rate/term
  • Unsecured funding for a wide range of projects and requirements
  • Livestock
  • Buildings and fixed equipment
HBV Capital - Types Of Funding